Tittibasana – Firefly pose.

yogi - kim roth,
ashtanga yoga teacher and super bright light - lotuslandyoga.com

This is a dynamic pose for sure – it requires opening in the entire back body – the hamstrings and back in particular. As well, it requires a deep core connection and a little know how to pull it off with any kind of grace. Sometimes I call this one "Baptism by Firefly Pose" since it is such a challenge.

Purpose: Develops Core strength and connection. Useful to lenghten hamstrings and back muscles. Definitely develops patience (which is the most important benefit)

1. Start in standing – feet about as wide as your yoga mat
2. Fold forward, reach through your legs and hold your heels
3. Bend the knees and use the heel s to help pull your torso through the legs. The further you can get the backs of the knees towards or over the shoulders, the more ease you will have with the pose (this is where hamstring length comes in)
4. Gather the knees into the shoulders so you don’t slip of.
5. Trust yourself. Lower the hips down. As the hips come down the feet come up – you have to keep gathering the knees in though.
6. The action of the distal places in the body – the hands and feet are important – keep them active and use them to keep the whole body connected.

Other tips – do it with patience, have fun – oh yeah, and do it often….

All Good,